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New IR County Plastic Recycling Flyer

Press Releases

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Invasive Plant Information

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St. Sebastian River Research Project

The Friends of St. Sebastian River has taken on a long-term project of gathering data and information about the St. Sebastian River and surrounding areas. The concept is broad-ranging, and has already sparked new ideas of what information may be available, and where it may lead us.

The concept is that we would like our website to be a repository of information about our river and its watershed. In other words, what do we know about our river and what impacts its health or habitat. This information may include history about the wildlife that depends on our river and how it has changed over the years, and our human history that has developed around it. This could include anything of how life depends on the river, right through to current day implementation of fertilizer ordinances to protect the river as a resource. We are also interested in more technical information, to include hydrology and how it has changed with development and human impacts.

The idea is to provide a bibliographic reference and description of what information exists, and an archive for publications and artifacts, when necessary. The scope of our project has blossomed as we imagine the possibilities and have come across the very beginnings of our findings. Therefore, we would like to ask for the help of anyone who may have ideas or information that we should consider, including where we may find that information. We would also be interested in photos or documentation about the river and our community, that we may copy. We are aware of information that exists in our local libraries and historical societies. It is just a matter of putting in the effort to locate and document a reference to these resources.

As you might imagine, this project could take on a life of its own and is more than we can undertake on our own. We would be grateful for the assistance anyone would like to offer. That assistance can be in whatever amount or form that interests you. If you would like to help, or want more information, please get in touch with us - we would love to talk with you! One of the first mysteries unearthed as we've gotten started with this project is where was Gibson Springs? Do you know where Gibson Springs was, or can you help us uncover our next mystery? If so, please click on "Contact Info" in the menu on the left, and get in touch with any one of us. Thank you!

St. Sebastian River Area Documents/Reference/Information


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May 2020

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